McCall Idaho Farmers Market


McCall Farmers Market

There are quite a few farmers markets across the state of Idaho, but the one at McCall deserves a special mention. When you need only the best and the freshest vegetables and fruits in Idaho, head to the McCall Farmers Market. You will also get the best dairy products here at the market. Read More

  • Opens every year in early June and goes on until the middle of October
  • Downtown McCall
  • Find the freshest vegetables and fruits

Overview: The McCall Farmers Market is located in downtown McCall on Pine St. This is a seasonal market and it opens every year in early June and goes on until the middle of October. The market takes place on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

When: Early June to mid October, June 10th through mid October, 2017.

Where: Downtown McCall

Fees: No admission fee. 

Details: This farmers market in McCall is open air and people from all the neighboring areas come down for the specialty herbs, colorful fruits, vegetables, bread and fresh dairy products too. Actually this is where you can get the freshest produce and the tastiest products in the state of Idaho. This is also the oldest venue for farm fresh market products.

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