Roseberry Idaho Music Festival


Roseberry Music Festival

Music lovers come year after year to the Roseberry Music Festival in Idaho. You are sure to have the time of your life here in this fest. While it may not be the most famous music event in the world, the atmosphere at Roseberry is fantastic and the spirit extremely upbeat. Read More

  • Upcoming artists play their music and try to make a mark
  • A mid-July event each year
  • Three nights of music fun!

Overview: In the month of July every year, a small part of Idaho begins to rock. And when this happens, it must be time for the Roseberry Music Festival. The music fest brings almost everyone in the town – the young and the old. Some of the biggest bands from the region come here to perform and showcase their talents. Upcoming artists also play their music and try to make a mark.

When: A mid-July tradition. This year the festival takes place July 19th-21st, 2018.

Where: Roseberry, Idaho

Fees: Ticket prices may vary

Details: The event is held at the town of Roseberry in Idaho and it is organized annually by The McCall Folklore Society

Tickets can be purchased per night or you may purchase a three day pass

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