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Mountain Driving

McCall, Idaho is located approximately 100 miles north of Boise. Nevertheless, you should expect to spend nearly two and one half hours to make the trip. The roadway is Idaho State Highway 55 and is a two way paved roadway. This is not freeway driving, but getting to McCall is filled with wonderful scenery and the trip should be enjoyed. This is an excellent example of "getting there" being as scenic as "being there". Read More

Driving to McCall from any direction involves driving through scenic mountains and valleys. Nestled in the heart of the Central Idaho Mountains, McCall is surrounded by numerous opportunities to get off the beaten path and enjoy some of the remaining back roads of America.

However, remember that mountain driving can be more tiring to the driver and cause addition wear and tear on your vehicle. In order to enjoy your time on the back roads, it is important to follow some simple suggestions for your own safety and that of others.

• Make sure that the vehicle you going to drive (rather it is your own or a rental) is in good working condition. Check your brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, and heater and exhaust system.
• Driving in the mountains – although it may be a shorter distance than you think – will use more fuel. Always travel on the top half of the fuel tank.
• Your speed going downhill should not exceed the speed you use to go uphill.
• Don't hug the center of the road and remember that when two vehicles meet on a hill, the vehicle going uphill has the right of way.
• If you are slowing down to enjoy the scenery, be aware of the traffic behind you. If more than three cars are being held up behind you, find a pull out and let them by. (This is actual a State Law in Idaho)
• Never explore unpaved roads unless you have told someone where you are going.
• Always carry lots of water and be prepared for any changes in the weather, both for yourself (coats, hats, gloves) and for your car (chains, shovels).
• Always be more observant – not only of your scenic surroundings, but of others who may be using the same roadways – other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and the wildlife.
• Use common sense.
• Take frequent breaks – relax and enjoy yourself.