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Just 29 miles south of McCall, the quaint little town of Cascade, ID sits alongside a beautiful sparkling lake and is surrounded by lush, evergreen mountains.


Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and the tiny town of Cascade is a perfect example of that. Majestic mountains, a large lake, the winding Payette River, and thousands of acres of backcountry just waiting to be explored make it a haven for anyone who loves the great outdoors.


Cascade is located at the southeastern edge of Lake Cascade, only 29 miles south of McCall, Idaho.

Lodging and Services

For lodging, Cascade has a handful of motels and a cozy bed and breakfast. There are several places to dine, ranging from full service restaurants to fast food eateries for a quick bite on the go.

Activities & Attractions

No matter what the season, there is no shortage of recreational fun In Cascade, ID for the outdoor enthusiast. Activities in and near this beautiful town include:

Take a scenic drive and enjoy the majestic beauty of Payette National Forest and several nearby historic mining towns. Don’t miss the Arrowhead RV Park, home of over 50 totem poles.

Play a relaxing game of golf at one of the most scenic golf courses in the country.

The Cascade River Walk is the perfect place to take an early morning or evening stroll while enjoying the beauty of the Payette River. Or spend a day mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding on mountain trails.

On the Water
Rent a kayak or inner tube and spend a day navigating the whitewater rapids of the Payette River and Kelly’s Whitewater Park, or relax while boating, sailing, or windsurfing on Lake Cascade, the fourth largest lake in Idaho. Discover natural hot springs east of Cascade, or spend an afternoon fly fishing the area’s many lakes, rivers, and streams.

Winter Fun
Throughout the winter and well into the spring, explore the beautiful snow-covered terrain via snowmobile or Nordic skis.

Getting Here

Getting to McCall from Cascade could not be easier. Just take Highway 55 and head north for 29 miles through the town of Donnelly, known for mouthwatering huckleberry pie. In addition to enjoying the breathtaking scenery, be sure to watch for mountain goats, elk, deer, antelope, or even a bear in the countryside along the way.

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