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Donnelly Idaho Activities

Conveniently located almost exactly halfway between Cascade, Idaho and McCall, Idaho, there is a wealth of things to see and do in and around Donnelly. Located in the beautiful mountains of central Idaho, near the north end of Lake Cascade, this charming little community is a great location from which to enjoy a wide variety of wonderful, entertaining and family friendly activities. Read More

With its ideal location along Highway 55, between Cascade and McCall, Donnelly has the advantage of being the place to stay where you can enjoy recreational activities all along this scenic pathway through Central Idaho. 

Any time of year is the time of year to enjoy -

  • Hot Springs – The geothermal activity of Idaho has created numerous natural hot springs in this area.  While some of the hot springs can be traveled to via car, others will require a little more effort as they are located in more remote areas.  
  • Museums – The regional museum is located in McCall, just a few miles further north.  Spent some time browsing through the extensive exhibits and viewing the numerous artifacts.  
  • Scenic Flights – This part of Idaho is spectacular from the ground, but that does not even begin to compare to the breath-taking view from the air!

If you are traveling to this area during the Winter, then you can enjoy -

  • Skiing/Snowboarding – Because of their location, the mountains here receive excellent amounts of fresh, deep powder snow every winter. The ski slopes in the area have wonderful snow conditions, perfect for downhill skiing and snowboarding.  Many areas in the region also offer groomed trails for cross-country skiing.
  • Snowmobiling – The entire valley provides over 800 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.  Rather you prefer groomed trails or would rather “freestyle” your way through the countryside, you will find the perfect conditions for the perfect day here.
  • Snowtubing – Powder or hard packed – it doesn’t make much difference if you are sliding down it aboard a specially designed tube.  There is nothing quite like a cushioned ride, racing down a snow covered mountainside. 

Travel to Donnelly during the Summer and enjoy –

  • Boating – Regardless of your skill level or your preference for wakeboarding or water skiing, there are numerous spots where you can enjoy your sport.  You can also enjoy a calming cruise on tranquil waters surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and trees.    
  • Camping - The beauty of the Cascade area includes the Ponderosa Pine forests of the Payette River to small rivers and streams that flow into the Salmon and Boise Rivers.   Pitch your tent beside the babbling brook or pull your RV into one of the many developed campsites.  
  • Chairlift Rides - Take a chair lift ride and view the mountainsides – minus the snow - for a completely new perspective.
  • Fishing - With 92 lakes and 169 streams within miles of town, the area offers vast opportunities for fishing. 
  • Golf – The nine hole gold course adjoining the south shore of Cascade Lake provides a challenging game and great views of West Mountain.  
  • Hiking – If you want to go on a day hike or perhaps a multi-day backpacking trip, make your base of operations Donnelly.  Surrounded by 4.5 million acres of forestland, Donnelly has fantastic opportunities to enjoy all that the countryside has to offer propelled by your own two feet. 
  • Horseback Riding - There is something magical about the rhythmic ride on a horse. Enjoy the mountains, valleys and streams on horse back. 
  • Mountain Biking - Bring along your mountain bike or rent one at any of a number of local shops and then enjoy the numerous mountain biking trails near the town.
  • Whitewater Rafting - Are you the adventurous kind who loves thrill seeking on some of America's best rapids? Then Donnelly should be your base for whitewater rafting.  There are so many way to enjoy Central Idaho, but this is one of the most exciting!