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Sheep Rock

Sheep Rock, a remote, scenic overlook nestled deep in the Payette National Forest, offers spectacular views of Hells Canyon. Read More

  • Sheep Rock has a barrier free overlook with breathtaking views of Hells Canyon and fascinating lava layers below. 
  • There is an interpretive trail with interesting information about the area. 
  • Sheep Rock is one of only 11 designated Natural National Landmarks in Idaho. 
  • 42 miles northwest of Council, Idaho


Sheep Rock is located just 42 miles northwest of Council on the Idaho edge of Hells Canyon. It is one of Idaho’s eleven designated National Natural Landmarks. It received this status in 1978, and provides an incredible view of the fascinating lava extrusions below not to mention endless miles of scenic Hells Canyon. The area boasts exquisite wildflowers and an array of wildlife including mountain goats and bighorn sheep, as well as various birds of prey. There is a short interpretive nature trail to enjoy while you’re there.

Location & Information

Approximately 42 miles northwest of Council in Adams County. Take the Council / Cuprum road (#002) to #106, which takes you to Sheep Rock. Parts of the road there are narrow and unpaved, and are not suitable for RVs or other vehicles with high clearance.

For road conditions and other information, contact the Council Ranger District – phone: 208-253-0100
Brochure (PDF)


There is plenty to do when you visit Sheep Rock. In addition to exploring the interpretive trail, you can also spend the day hiking in the surrounding area. Bring your camping gear and spend the night at one of many campgrounds in the Payette National Forest. Plan on doing some fishing in one of the many lakes, rivers and streams in the area. The Hells Canyon area is also excellent for whitewater rafting, jet boating, backpacking, and horseback riding.

Fun Facts

There are several historical sites on the way to Sheep Rock – the old mining town of Cuprum, Lafferty Campground, Hornet Park, and Halfway State Stop.

Sheep Rock’s elevation is 6,847 feet, and has the only barrier-free overlook on the Idaho rim of Hells Canyon.

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