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Idaho State Centennial Trail

One of the best ways to truly explore Idaho’s spectacular and diverse landscape is to travel the 900 mile Idaho Centennial Trail, which covers the entire length of the state. Read More

  • 900 miles (usually about 120 days)
  • Moderate too strenuous with over 7,100 feet elevation gain
  • Trailhead: Murphy Hot Springs at the Idaho-Nevada border


The 900 mile Idaho State Centennial Trail dips, climbs, and winds its way from Murphy Hot Springs near the Idaho-Nevada state line to Upper Priest Falls near the Canadian border. This amazing trek allows you to see some of Idaho’s most breathtaking scenery. You’ll cross through designated wilderness areas, high desert, deep valleys, thick forests, and challenging mountain terrain. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or horseback riding, tackling the Centennial Trail Idaho will give you an experience you’ll never forget.


To get to the southern trailhead from McCall, take Hwy 55 south to Boise, then head east on I-84 to Twin Falls. From there, take US-93 south to Rogerson, then go west on Shoshone St (which becomes Three Creek Road) to Murphy Hot Springs. Total distance is 320 miles.


  • Distance – 900 miles
  • Average Time of Hike – 120 days
  • Elevation Gain - 7,100 feet
  • Difficulty – Moderate to strenuous
  • Trail Type – One way
  • Trailhead - Murphy Hot Springs on the Idaho-Nevada Border

Plan & Prepare

Whether you are planning to travel the entire trail, or a particular leg, be sure you are very prepared. Bring clothing and gear for all weather conditions, as the terrain varies significantly and weather patterns can change quickly.

Dehydration is a very real danger, especially in high altitudes and hot temperatures. Drink plenty of water and have some with you at all times.

Always carry a first aid kit that includes a snake bite kit. You may encounter rattlesnakes along the trail in southern Idaho, so watch out for them and listen for their distinct rattle. Animals with their young, such as bears and moose, can be especially dangerous. Always be cautious and alert.

The best months for hiking this trail are May through September. You may encounter snow in the mountains, so plan your trip accordingly.