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Public Transportation

While McCall has a free public transportation system to get you around town, there are also several private companies that provide various shuttle services to get you from point A to point B. Read More

  • Get around McCall using McCall Transit, a free public transportation system that runs daily.
  • Many local companies offer busses, shuttles, and vans to get you and your group to Hells Canyon, the Salmon River, or Boise.


Getting around McCall without a car is easy if you use the McCall Transit system. For trips outside of McCall, there are several companies that offer shuttles, vans, and even full sized buses. These are especially great if you’re planning to a trip to the Hells Canyon or a whitewater rafting excursion on the Salmon River.

Bus Tours

McCall is very small so there aren’t any bus tours around the city. For those wishing to travel to Hells Canyon, charter buses and other private shuttle services are available from Boise to nearby towns such as Cambridge. These are ideal if you have a group heading for this magnificent canyon. There are also private shuttle services that travel back and forth between McCall (and other nearby towns) and Boise.

Private shuttle services are available in western Idaho, primarily servicing Hells Canyon or Salmon River trips. Some are available that go back and forth between McCall and other nearby towns and Boise.

Public Bus System

McCall offers a free public transportation system that operates daily from 7 am to 7 pm. McCall transit does an hourly loop through town, making stops at several different places including the court house, hospital, ice rink and library. There are no designated bus stops – just flag it down anywhere along the route.

  • Rates: Free
  • Schedules: 7 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week.
  • Contact Information: 208-634-0003