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Historic Roseberry Idaho

This little town tucked away in the beautiful countryside of central Idaho is rich in history and the perfect place to stop and explore during a relaxing afternoon drive. Read More

  • The town has over 20 historic buildings including a one room school house. 
  • Just a short drive from McCall. 
  • Still has the original general store built in 1905. 


Those who visit the quaint, historic town of Roseberry often feel as if they’d suddenly stepped back in time. Just a few miles southeast of McCall, this tiny picturesque town was originally a English settlement. The English who came here were fleeing their Russian-occupied homeland. Surrounded by panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, and lush green pastures of central Idaho, they couldn’t have found a more scenic and peaceful spot to start anew. Roseberry grew quickly at first, but then gradually began to fade away once the railroad chose to put down tracks just a mile and a half to the west back in 1914.


Roseberry is just a short drive from McCall. From there, head south on Highway 55 to Donnelly. Once in Donnelly, turn left on East Roseberry Road, which will take you on in to Roseberry.


  • The Roseberry General Store – Built in 1905 and still standing in its original location, this nostalgic store has a fun variety of items including long underwear, penny gum balls, antique toys, old fashioned candy and other treats, photos from the turn of the century, as well as knives and gifts.
  • Historic Buildings - In addition to the general story, Roseberry also has over twenty other historic buildings from other parts of the region. You can explore an authentic carriage house, cabins that once housed the settlers, a blacksmith shop, and a genuine one room school house to name a few.
  • The Summer Music Festival - Every year the McCall Folklore Society hosts the Summer Music Festival in Roseberry. At this three day event you can enjoy listening to some of the local talent and well-known musicians from other parts of the country.

Fun Facts

Once the largest town in Valley County, Idaho.

The town is named after Lewis Roseberry, who was its first postmaster.