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Yellow Pine Idaho

With central idaho's most spectacular backcountry at its doorstep, the remote village of Yellow Pine is just 50 miles east of McCall. Read More

  • Yellow Pine is known as "The Gateway to the Central Idaho Wilderness Area".
  • This quaint little village is nestled between the Payette National Forest and the Boise National Forest.
  • Every year thousands of people come here for the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival.
  • Just 50 miles east of McCall via scenic Lick Creek Road.


Located 50 miles east of McCall, the rustic little village of Yellow Pine, Idaho has been in existence since the early 1900s when it served the area as a trade center. Tucked between the Payette National Forest to the north and the Boise National Forest to the south, and with the South Fork of the Salmon River nearby, Yellow Pine is known as "The Gateway to the Central Idaho Wilderness Area". Dirt roads, rustic buildings, a country store, and a small red schoolhouse add to the appeal of this quaint mountain community.


Yellow Pine, ID is 50 miles east of McCall and takes between 2 and 2.5 hours to reach by car via Lick Creek Road.

Services & Amenities

This tiny mountain community offers RV parks and nearby campgrounds for lodging. Dining options include two taverns / cafes.


Every August the town sees an influx of thousands of visitors who come for the annual Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival. There are hundreds of contestants, live music, street dancing, good food, and three different contest divisions at this fun event.


Payette National Forest - This beautiful forest just north of Yellow Pine is comprised of over 2.3 million acres of forest, grasslands, mountains, rivers, and pristine alpine lakes. A paradise for outdoor lovers, the Payette National Forest is a great place to hike, bike, fish, hunt, ski, snowmobile, or ride ATVs.

Boise National Forest – To the south of Yellow Pine is one of Idaho's premier destination forests, the Boise National Forest. It covers over 2.6 million acres of beautiful landscape including majestic mountain peaks towering nearly 10,000 feet. It also overlaps two wilderness areas – the Sawtooth Wilderness and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Getting Here

To get to McCall from Yellow Pine, follow Lick Creek Road (NF 48) east. Along the way you will enjoy breathtaking scenery. Stop and hike or enjoy a picnic as you’re driving along this beautiful route.