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Cuddy Mountains

Located between Weiser and Council, the Cuddy Mountain Range, along with the Seven Devils, Hitt Mountain, and Craig Mountain Ranges, is one of the mountain ranges that lines Idaho's western border with Oregon and Washington. Like its three neighboring ranges, the Cuddy Mountains offer visitors many opportunities to hike and explore Western Idaho's unique scenery. From old-growth stands of ponderosa pine to doug fir forest to fields of sagebrush and tall grasses, the Cuddy Mountain Range is a sure-fire way to escape crowds while enjoying Idaho's natural beauty. Read More

Cuddy Mountain

The Cuddy Mountain Range finds its peak at the commanding Cuddy Mountain, a 7,867 foot peak that commandeers a view that ensures any hiker who reaches the top will be well rewarded. The East Brownlee Creek trail provides hikers with a nice out-and-back trip to the peak. The trail is just under four miles and gains about 3,000 feet from trailhead to summit. Once at the flat summit, be sure to sign the register while you enjoy the view of the Cuddy's neighboring ranges.

While exploring the Cuddy Mountain Range, there is a plethora of hiking opportunities available. While rock climbing is limited, there are still some options for any rock hounds who can't bear to be away from the crag for more than a day or two. In addition, various ranch and guide outfits provide recreational opportunities.

Geological History

An ancient volcanic arc dating back to the Triassic age, the Cuddy Mountain Range is made up of layered metamorphic and marine sedimentary rock. The Cuddy Range is geologically, and geographically, very similar to its sister ranges, the Seven Devils, Hitt Mountain and Craig Mountain Ranges.