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Rock climbing in the Payette National Forest and surrounding areas provides you some of the spectacular scenery that you would never see elsewhere. Mountaineering is at its best in Idaho, where you can climb the rocks in the summer and ice in the winter. Don't miss this western Idaho paradise. Read More

It isn't all about climbing, but mountaineering in Idaho's famous mountains means viewing abundant wildlife, experiencing the ideal temperatures of this region, and best of all, moving through some of the most incredible scenery around.

The Payette National Forest is the home of hundreds of species of animals and birds. You will see huge elk, deer, and even the elusive moose. Occasionally you will even get a glimpse of a bald eagle, or a rare white-headed woodpecker. West-central Idaho, just north of Boise, is a paradise for rock climbers in summer and ice climbers in winter.

The summertime is perfect for both scenery and temperature, and you won't want to miss taking time to explore the high country with over two million acres of forest. Climbing in Hells Canyon has become one of the most popular in recent years. There are around four hundred routes over these spectacular limestone walls.

In late June, you will find the temperatures soar higher than you would think, but there is lots of shade, as well as a lot of free camping areas!

If you are a recreational rock climber, you can't miss the McCall area of Idaho for an exciting climbing adventure.