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Seven Devils Mountains

Deriving their name from an old Nez Perce legend the Seven Devils Mountains, northwest of McCall, stretch along the Idaho-Oregon border and include some of western Idaho’s most breathtaking backcountry. Read More

  • Explore endless miles of trails while hiking, backpacking, or horseback riding while taking in spectacular mountain scenery.
  • The range has seven peaks towering over 9,000 feet.
  • Steeped in Nez Perce Indian lore, these mountains offer a remote and exciting backcountry adventure.
  • About an hour’s drive from McCall.


The Seven Devils Mountains lie northwest of McCall in the magnificent Hells Canyon Wilderness along the Idaho-Oregon border. Part of the majestic Rocky Mountains, this range has multiple peaks, with seven towering over 9,000 feet. The mountains were named from an old Nez Perce Indian legend in which seven child-eating devils threatened the tribe. Coyote dug seven pits and filled them with boiling water. The mountains were formed when the devils, seeking more children to devour, fell into the pits.

With their rugged terrain, dramatic elevation changes, beautiful wildlife, old growth forest, and alpine meadows blooming with wildflowers in the summer, these mountains encompass some of western Idaho’s most spectacular backcountry scenery.

Location & Information

Seven Devils Mountains Idaho are located in Hells Canyon, northwest of McCall. To get there take Hwy 55 northwest to New Meadows, then Hwy 95 north. The mountains are accessible via a gravel road off the highway just southwest of Riggins. The area can be accessed year round.

Contact information: 208-628-3916 or Visit the website here


  • Hiking, backpacking, fishing, and horseback riding - There are multiple trails in the area that are fun to explore and provide excellent views of the mountain range as well as Hells Canyon. Seven Devils Trail is a fairly challenging 15 mile trek that starts at 7200 feet, dips to 6500, and ends at 8100 feet. For a longer hike, you can continue on the Boise Trail at Horse Heaven for a 26.7 mile loop. There are endless miles of other trails in the area to explore as well. Many of the area’s sparkling, clear lakes are stocked with trout so bring your fishing pole.
  • Wildlife Viewing – This region of Idaho abounds with a variety of wildlife including mountain goats, black bears, mule deer, and elk.
  • Windy Gap – Despite the vast elevation range, you can drive up to Windy Gap which is 8,000 feet and enjoy spectacular views.

Fun Facts

  • Several of the 7 highest peaks – all at 9,000 feet or higher – have devilish names including He Devil, She Devil, Devils Throne, The Ogre, and The Twin Imps.
  • The highest peak in the range is He Devil, at 9,393 feet .
  • Hells Canyon Wilderness covers over 650,000 acres.